On October 30, we invite you to be part of an unforgettable night of music, community and celebration as we join together to fight hate for good and honor those leading the way. We are thrilled to return once more to an in-person program at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C., and we’re so thrilled to offer you the chance to get involved in another can’t-miss event.

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The Kay Family Foundation

Bender Foundation Inc.

Julie and David Silver
David and Nan Bender
Barbara Bender
Jason Belinkie
Jena Belinkie Riley
Jake Bender
Nikki Bender Cole

Next Generation
Ross Bender
Sara Bender Bier
Diana Bender Bier
Gabriella Laskow Hakakian


The Karen and Bruce Levenson Family

Karen and Bruce Levenson
Tamara and Scott Levenson
Robin and Brian Levenson
Samantha and Michael Levenson

The Peskowitz Family

Penelope and Ed Peskowitz
Olivia and Will Suter
Suhas Sridharan and Zac Peskowitz


Melanie and Larry* Nussdorf
Inna Dexter and Benjamin Nussdorf
Sarah and Jed Nussdorf


Carol and Gary Berman

Jared O. Blum and Katherine Kiggins

Sandy Hofberg Bobb and Stanley* Bobb
Jodi & Rodd Macklin and family
Tammy Mendelson and family
Beth & Daryle Bobb and family

Nancy Robinson Breuer and Lanny Breuer

Christopher Wolf and James Beller

Carl M. Freeman Foundation

The Annette and Theodore Lerner Family Foundation

Lerner-Cohen-Tanenbaum Families

Rick Hoffman and Debbie Levy

Pamela Kurland and David Marchick

Joel Michaels

Joy and Ron Paul Family Foundation

Barbara and Bert W. Rein

Stacy and Ken Samet

The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation

Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP


Amy and Joshua Berman

Madge Henning and Warren Davis

Andrea Shandell and Russell Fox

Amy and Jonathan Gleklen

Cathy and Marc Scheineson

Ellen Kay and Cary Sherman

Carolyn and Bill Wolfe


Jamie and Joseph Baldinger

Diane Lipton Dennis

Becker/Greaney Family

Rhonda and David Falk

Ginny Kogan Feldman

Dalbert and Nancy Ginsberg


Andersen Tax

Julius and Dorothy Lazarus Foundation


Anita and Arthur Polott
Gateway Legal Placements

Shapiro Lifschitz and Schram/Steven and Marie Schram

Lee and David Wittenstein

Joel and Lolly Zipp


Jill and Jay Bernstein

Lisa and Josh Bernstein

Wolf and Lynn Blitzer

Ellen-Sue and Neal Brown

Marcy and Neil Cohen

Ginny and Irwin Edlavitch

Marie and Barry Fleishman

Todd and Tracy Foreman

Glickfield Family Foundation

Sally and Steve Herman

Andrea Boyarsky-Maisel and Harvey Maisel

Linda and Lawrence P. Mann

Jennifer and Dan Mendelson

Michael O’Neill and Kevin Nee
Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management

Craig and Patricia Ruppert Family, Ruppert Companies

Peter Scher and Kim Tilley

Sarah Morgenthau and Carlton Wessel

Bob and Linda Youngentob


Terry Whitehouse and Richard Ansbacher

Edward Lenkin and Roselin Atzwanger

Jodi and Michael Bernstein

The Bernstein Companies

Mr. Adam Bernstein
Mr. & Mrs. Marc & Nancy Duber
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Galli

Bernstein Family Foundation

Alan and Nancy Taylor Bubes

Louis and Helen Fanaroff Charitable Foundation

Laura and Robert Friedman

Sidra Goldwater

Janice and Richard Grossman

Jill Granader

Debbie and Ken Jaffe

Cindy Paradies and Larry Moscow

Elizabeth Hyman and David Nelson

Carol Kleinman and Wayne L. Pines

Jessica E. Adler and James D. Purther

Deborah and Brett Orlove

Annette and Lionel Pashkoff

Malcolm McCluskey and Jonathan Poling

Joan and Barry Rosenthal

Khushali and Jigar Shah

Jessica Sher

Deborah Miller and Adam Strickberger

The Weinberger Family

Monica and Richard Sussman

* of blessed memory